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                             Seamoc Offers:

1. Feasibility Study and Start-Up Planning Services:

This service completes a start-up plan with the cash needed to become profitable.  It answers all questions and determines if Vietnam makes sense for your company's next manufacturing site, and shows savings vs. the United States Location.

2. Start-Up Services:

Seamoc manages the entire start-up process from planning,  getting the investment license, hiring the management team, fitting out the factory, and starting production.

3. Construction Services:

Seamoc gets three reliable builders to quote on new construction and checks the progress of the building at each stage to assure successful completion with specified materials and plans.

4. Sourcing Services: 

Seamoc has offices in Shenzhen, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  to provide sourcing services for clients who need Asian sources for their Asian Factory's material needs.